Saturday, March 27, 2010

Los events: for the much awaited weekend.

I could camp in front of the TV watching some March Madness, but I will eventually make it out plenty. Here is some cool stuff this weekend:

♥ Saturday:
Earth hour. Everywhere. Sweet. 60 Earth Hour [English] »

Image from Dutch Earth Hour website »

Here in San Francisco, last year the bike-powered event that was plenty fun, and this year it is happening again. Rock the Bike's Earth Community Celebration. More info here »
Here in San Francisco, we're celebrating by having a community celebration at Market Bar (1 Ferry Building # 36), 6-11pm. This will be a great night with lots of awesome people and a fun party vibe.
♥ Sunday:

NOPA VELO Spring Climb.
Meets at 9:30 at Apollo cafe. Via iBikeNopa blog - More info»


  1. Haha! Having just returned from Austria, I almost spit out my coffee when I saw the Sound of Music with bicycle.

  2. and don't forget vintage ride sunday morn. at woodside school in woodside meeting @ 9:30 rolling out at 10am! 1st of the season, 25 miles. all bikes welcome...

  3. velouria/ oh my... ja jaaa

    eric/ how could I?!?! Next time we are so there!! <3 xo.

  4. Oh, that photo is awesome - I love it. Brilliant!

    Wish I could join the ride.

  5. Err.. both are cool, but I was thinking of the nopa velo photo.

  6. christa-thx, unfortunately we were late by 7 minutes and didnt find the ride :-(
    we found other sunday simple things to do and chill out though xo.m

    thanks lexi :D


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