Monday, March 1, 2010

Mom's valentines gift.

For once, I didn't get a crochet scarf from her (wooo hoo!) but I think she knows I have every colour in every pattern... so for Valentine's she gifted me this little track sweatshirt thing. She said something like -oh I thought you could use it for the weekends so you can go get your coffee in the weee hours of the morning and stay warm-
This weekend was more of the pizza-beer run at noon, but you know, it seemed like it was super early...
mom's valentines puma sweater.
Oh that is so very sweet, I was actually excited to get a sporty jacket for Valentine's from her. She knows I wont eat them chocolates he heee... So she said I better show her in pictures. And here they are. ♥Gracias, mom!!!!!
hi mom.
hola mom. cheers!
um. yes please.
Margherita pizza w/
Burrata. She loves pizza as well.


  1. The jacket, the fedora, the boots - I love this look! Great biking to get beer and pizza outfit. S.

  2. aww, gogo mamigrosa! que cute. me likes.

  3. thanks so much academichic ;-)
    that is my stylin hat - more so used for lazy days he hee -xo

    ctx/ i loveeeee that name, when i told mi mom she said "ah si i wanna meet this melyssa" of course! LOLz


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