Friday, March 12, 2010

With Love from Oakland.

HyeJin and I met in Mexico. We danced, worship the sun on the beach, partied and now we often times meet for coffee and for fun stuff here and there. I am so happy to hear that she has recently started riding her bicycle more, her beloved partner in crime is also into bikes. The black bike belongs to Travis.
I can't wait to ride with you two around the city and/or in Oakland. I love these pictures!
♥Thanks so much for sharing this, my lovely - see ya soon!

Meet HyeJin. Hellooooo GORGEOUS :D

By HyeJin:
"Meet Bubbly, my 1971 Schwinn Varsity Sport bike, the very first 10 speed bike in U.S. I found this orange beauty browsing through Craigslist ads one Saturday morning or I should say she found me! A Schwinn collector was selling most of his bike collection before moving down to AZ and Travis & I drove down to Fremont to check her out. It was love at first sight! She needed TLC: one afternoon of greasing, putting on a new set of tires and a good scrubbing to get the rusts out from her rims, and she was set to shine around town! I am so glad that Bubbly is no longer hiding in someone's garage, not being ridden and left alone because Bubbly is special and we shall experience the world together!"

**All photos belong to HyeJin via Facebook

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  1. I am so glad we met in Mexico and it's been such a pleasure to hang with you! Your love of bike and coffee is infectious to be sure. Let's plan to ride together soon, k? <3, HJ

  2. Cute!!!

    I have a special place in my heart for old Schwinns and the red is awesome.

  3. hyeJin <3333333

    dottie/ yeah, isn't it - that orange bike fits her awesome personality just perfectly :D

  4. Thank you, Dottie, I love my Schwinn, I know it weighs a ton, but she is so lovely and fun to ride, how can I resist? <3, HJ


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