Tuesday, March 2, 2010

With love from Santa Fe: Through the seasons.

It makes quite happy to hear from readers around the states commenting on my caffeinated adventures, sharing personal thoughts, and communicating via this tool about our common denominator machine, the bicycle. That's pretty rad.
Get out and ride people! You will discover new spots in your own back yard, catch some fresh air and make some new friends along the way.

Here are some of the snaps a long-time reader of this blog, mr. Jon C. has shared for the last few months. Always brightening up my mailbox - Enjoy!

• Autumn - October
I just finished the re-build of my city bike. I figured once every 20 years weather it needs it or not, Right? Pretty cool that all it needed was a new front hub (pitted) and a new front rim (dished). Had it powder coated and Zapp........ good as new!!
• February
Tromping down for coffee this morning, I stopped to talk to a couple who were
shoveling out their driveway. As it turned out , they had already finished their
drive and was working on their next door neighbors just to be nice. That kind of
made my morning!

• February
It's still too cold around here to ride with any kind of comfort
or fun but it won't be long till it comes back.

• Currently

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I love this last photo – as well as the whole set, thanks SO much for sharing Jon!! -ride on :D


  1. Golly, those show shovelers can be my next door neighbors ANY DAY!

  2. oh man, in a way im envious of the snowy weather because here in calif. is unheard of ;-)


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