Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Civic duties.

This photo was taken across the street from City Hall. I really enjoy biking past the civic center area at night, there is some sense of strange tranquility along with sudden insane crazy racket. I consider it four-block pivoting point between Hayes Valley, the Mission, Tenderloin, taking the lane on 8th street to the south of market or heading east on Market to the beautiful Ferry building. Take a direction, take it easy and soon after riding, even at a slow pace like mine for 10 minutes, you will be there.
No red glittery shoes needed, or Toto - maybe just some really bright tights ;-)
Thursday night.


  1. Those reflectors are really cool.
    When I was a kid we used to tape playing cards to our forks so the spokes would snap the cards -- made a neat put-put sound -- yep, I think you need to do that... Let me know how it works out...

  2. Fantastic! I love the pink & orange together - they mismatch perfectly. :) Really super cute!

  3. Meli,
    Wow! great photo. You look terrific ....
    Jon C.

  4. I like your emphasis on not rushing. The slower you go the more you see.

  5. To look good in yellow stockings takes special talent! And you match the city lights nicely : )

  6. Bright tights make the world a better place :)

  7. your sense of color is always so much fun!!

  8. thx oldfool :D

    aphoto a day/ mmmhmh ill have to try that soon...

    beth/ oh mil thanks luv. mismatching is the theory of the colour world he hee

    jon/ thanks dear

    gordon/ yes! rushing = no good :D

  9. velouria/ what a sweet compliment, yes im rather color crazy

    dottie/ and the streets a happy canvas!

    thanks so much eva ♥


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