Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grateful: Fifi and Frenchie paper love

Fifi did a set of great illustrations of the Frenchie a little while back in March (see post here) and shortly after, I received these lovely cards – matching envelopes included. I shared the love with certain special women around me. I couldn't be happier, this is awesometastic!
♥ Thanks again Fifi!!


  1. Eh ben dis donc, quelle chance ! Magnifiques les dessins, les cartes, les enveloppes, etc, etc.

  2. What great personalized stationary. So chic! Your girlfriends must be honoured to receive such a card!

  3. I just love the Frenchie paper
    love and it is really cool.I wish, I have a "Fifi" that could give me one,too. :))


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