Friday, April 23, 2010

Panda to the earth.

How did you celebrate Earth day this week? I have a fond appreciation and respect for what this beautiful planet of ours has to offer, and I do my little part locally by being on my bike most of the time. I often also take advantage of big shiny buses or trains when traveling further than 20 miles, I try to avoid paper cups for coffee whenever possible and plastic bottles? they are so 2000-late. Anyways, here are some panda shots, this week I wore some of my hippie necklaces, just because. ♥Cheers.

bike the earth day is everyday
bike the earth day is everyday
happy hour to meet with the girls
happy hour Tuesday with my artsy fartsy girls
rain panda
rain red panda


    what fabulous outfits you have!
    always excited to see what fun pictures you will have ^.^

  2. love those shorts Meli! your style is divoooom


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