Friday, April 23, 2010

TGIF - Partyyyyyyyy!!

sj bike party in the house
volunteer bike

Well this Friday is going to seem rather quiet in comparison to last Friday. I met up with a handful of SF cool cats in hats that were heading down to Sunnyvale (where many siliconlandians live, 40 miles south of SF) to join the San José Bike Party. Here we are right before the start. I'd guesstimate about 1000-1200 people.

Below, our SF crew
Nio, Jason y Hugh
adam y grace
adam y grace
chris y hugh
ding ding ding

One of the main concerns when heading to this party as a city dweller is how the hell to get back. And I say that as in sometimes the party ends more than a few miles from caltrain later in the evening, so the trek back to the caltrain station can become a party of its own, you know - what if you miss it.

Anyways, who cares - we went, we had tons of fun. There were soooooo many teenagers, the energy was super, there were puppies, families, tons of cruisers, tons of music, I ran into coworkers, there was a couch on a bike - dogs included, new buddies, total strangers and fellow bikers that were there to have fun.
Awesome. Hellsyeah.
hey cop
"thanks cop!!!"
the motorcycle cops held the freeway exit traffic as well as many of the large (huge) boulevard busy streets.
super cute amigas.
these gals were sporting their very fun outfits. the theme was 'uniform nite'
bike halo included :D
folks from guanajuato
my new bici amigos from Guanajuato.
in front of me
Near University ave. in Palo Alto.
High standards
High standards. There was a large group of these bikes. rad.
say queso
say queso!!
the best mohawk on wheels
the best mohawk on wheels

We began in Sunnyvale and ended in downtown Palo Alto (next to Stanford University for those of you outside CA, is where the Facebookland of the west operates as well). Our group of city peeps caught a late 11PM caltrain full of Shark fans (hockey) and made it to SF a little after midnight safe and sound.

San José Bike Party is where is at, and if you haven't done it, that is all I'm gonna say because you got to be there. Fun fun fun.

Good times. Good times.
"bike parteeeeeeee" everyone is yelling this all night long.

&this, is about 1/200th of the ride

For info and more, San José Bike Party »


  1. Meli,
    What a blast !!!!! That looks sooo fun. Looks
    like the south bay is happening.. I never thought
    so when I lived in san fran. I guess things are
    really happening all over! Got to love that.
    Have a Great weekend.
    Jon C

  2. bigger, and of course, much, much better than a tea party.

  3. sabes que...color is good. kthx.

  4. I noticed a new Facebook group for an East Bay bike party.


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