Friday, April 16, 2010

VV Awesome

VV Brown opened for Little Dragon Tuesday night at the Independent. She is awesome, I saw her perform on her first visit to San Francisco a couple of months ago at 330 Ritch and I knew then, she had the potential to become a mega star. I love her energy.

VV Brown ♥
The sold out show was fun. It had been raining so I thought that I might end up taking a cab, which was not the case, so I was quite happy it was a dry, clear night

a quiet tuesday night on divis
Off to the show
almost there. clear and crisp weather night, I'm in love with it

It was also really great to use the new racks in the former parking spaces across the street at Mojo's without necessarily being at Mojo's, the cafe has made sure everyone in fact knows that the space is there to use it and that you don't need to purchase from them to sit there. The parklet was even christened by our mayor. You can read further about the details in streetsblog sf. They have covered the process thoroughly.

Frenchie has lots of company.
Frenchie has lots of company.
The bike rack space was fully used and it is a very nice piece of mind to know your bicycle is in good company, of many other bicycles and high foot traffic. I was chatting with the super nice bouncers at the Independent, those two guys are cool. When I came out to check on my bike, they expressed how much they like what they have done replacing the parking spaces across the street and that they are stoked they will be getting more bike racks, 2 or 3, on their own side of the sidewalk, so maybe next show I go to, they'll be there by then – swoon.
Mojo's parklet.
Bikes look so damn pretty.


  1. Hey Meli,
    Looks like a fun time in SF. I'll keep a lookout
    for VV Brown, I'm so out of the loop.
    I love the picture of the 'floral' or twig arr.
    looking into the rainy and biki street .
    Happy Friday!
    Jon C

  2. Saw this image in another blog and immediately thought of you!

  3. thanks Jon. I post way less shows+ gig photos but I luckily get to check out plenty. VV brown is a great performer, in my opinion – cheers :D

    anonymous/ oh that is awesome! a quite excellent analogy ;-) thanks so much for sharing


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