Monday, May 17, 2010

Photo de dia: That is now behind us.

Hola bridge. It's nice to know you are always there, bright and red. Dark and orange. Loud with fog horns. Busy with tourists. Sleek and elegant. That is all for now. See you once again soon. Kisses.
That is now behind us.


  1. I heard that the color of the bridge is "International Orange" and that they are constantly painting it. Haven't ever verified but I like thinking of that when I see that engineering marvel. (Thanks, O'Shaughnessy!) I haven't been over it on a bike in WAY too long, though!

  2. right! and did you know there was a debate going back then, that the navy/coast guard wanted to paint it yellow and black-which was always very visible in the fog....?!, now imagine that *eeeew*


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