Monday, May 3, 2010

Slings and rickshaws.

One for surgery and another one an elbow accident. Get well soon, my bike gentlemen. The bike lane misses you but we all want you to take aaaaall the time you need for a sound recovery!!
♥mucho caffeinated bike love
Michael, recipient of this year's leadership award - congrats!!
the face of muni pains
Volker and "the face of MUNI pains"
So what happens when you can't ride a bike and Deep is around?! - you get a ride from his fabulous rickshaw bike, of course. Deep, his lady friend and Volker depart in style.
the rickshaw is now departing

These photos were taken last week, at this year's Golden Wheel Awards - full report coming soon!


  1. i hope the sling infestation of SF isn't serious and contagious. i think i caught a little bit of it when i fell down the stairs this weekend in my apartment building (TRUE STORY).


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