Saturday, May 1, 2010

With love from: Vietnam

This is part of the Vietnam series – guest posts from a fellow San Franciscan photog - the lovely Mai /fashionist/ during her travels in Asia.

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Huế, Vietnam /part two
Story, and photography by Mai

Huế is in central Vietnam, between 1802 and 1945, it was the imperial
capital of the Nguyễn Dynasty. It was where the last emperor hailed
from, but notice those years, some of that time France ruled Vietnam.
It is also well-known for its fantastic cuisine, it is said that the
royal cooks were instructed to create diverse and pleasing meals for
the discerning emperors and so they created fantastic regional dishes
like bun bo huế, com hen (pictured), and nem nguội.

Boulevards are large surrounding the Citadel, so bikes fill the roads
and the flatness of the terrain makes biking easy. Most of these
photos were taken around the Huong (Perfume) River or the Citadel.

Every once in awhile there is talk about getting rid of cyclos, it
implies a certain lifestyle, but tourists like their quaint touch too

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  1. Great pics. So many arty bikes. Where ever you are people will always find a way of decorating their bikes. Craving Vietnamese food just now . . . don't know if I can find any in Flag. :(

  2. Awesome! I think that last one may be my favorite, love the green of the bike contrasting the light rocks. Thanks so much for this picturesque journey!

  3. "Hue bikes2" downtube...scary, but kinda liberating. Great shots.

  4. Fantastic photos - so much colour!

  5. thanks all for all your comments.
    it has been great to have Mai's talented perspectives here :D

  6. oh wow. this brought back a flood of memories from my two trips to vietnam. the bikes, the bike crashes, and the food. yum...i think i'll post a few pics myself...thanks for sharing...nathan

  7. I am so down for a bike trip to Vietnam! Great people, great food and great biking infrastructure.

    You can see the cities and the country side on bike.


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