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Women Who Bike: Gwen and Kristen

BIKE NOPA & Bikes And The City have spun out a new collaborative bike series, Women Who Bike. Each Monday and Wednesday we will feature San Francisco women and their bicycles. Check both our blogs for the experiences, stories, and ideas that women who bike the city want to share with you.
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Gwen y Kristine fabulousness
Hello fabulous two!
yo gwen!
Gwen doesn't like this picture much - but I love it!

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Women Who Bike: Gwen and Kristen

How would you characterize your bicycling style? assertive, carefree, cautious, competitive, law abiding, slow and steady

G: Wait, what is the definition of aggressive?!? and also depends on how many drinks I've had. ha haaa

K: Mellow, yeah.

How many of your best dates/friendships started with biking?
G: Well once while biking in Oakland I met this guy and we talked about the SF Bike Expo and then I suggested he get a booth - well he was already signed up for one. Thought that was cool.

K: I've gotten a guy to come out on a date and bicycle with me.

What could be done in SF to encourage more women, including teens and younger, to bike?
G: I think what happens is that people freak out and think the city is crazy shit. Well it is but once you get out there and see others cycling with you and the growing infrastructure for bikes, then it is not bad at all. I think two if the biggest concerns for women are being confident and street safety. Market street is often marked as scary and that shouldn't be the only street people relate to biking. Once you ride around the city your confidence builds up.

K: I would think that it depends if the people around them, friends and what not, are also biking. One of my coworkers races and all that, and she refuses to move around the city on a bicycle because she thinks is crazy. I ride with another one of my coworkers all the time and we are trying to get her (the racer) to join us, as her commute would be pretty flat and easy from the Mission to the SOMA.
Both of these lovely ladies live in the Inner Richmond and dress with their super cute everyday outfits. Gwen has orchestrated several bike fashion shows and is very present in the local fashion industry. Kristen works in the South of Market and often rides everywhere.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Bike to Work Day after party fashion show which Gwen will be producing and Kristin will be a super model :D
More info here: Facebook | SFBC Bike Away from Work Party and Fashion Show 2010
"OK make sure you don't fall when you go on the ramp over there"
"OK make sure you don't fall when you go on the ramp over there"
Gwen doing her thing at the SF bike expo bike fashion show, last year
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Gracias Gwen y Kristen!!

Don't forget to check out BIKE NOPA for more Women Who Bike profiles.
Women who bike: Take the Writing Women Back into Bicycling survey online by May 15th. More than 7300 women already have. Survey conducted by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP). See survey here: link


  1. Kristin looks as though she could get a guy to go out on a date wearing a lampshade on his head, so that point is kind of moot. I've never seen redeye look good before. :D

  2. San Fran appears to have the most fun and interesting community of cycling women. I agree with both of them that a big hurdle that stops many from cycling is the perception that the streets are scarier than they really are. Being able to ride with friends helps get past that.

    Also, butterfly belt!

  3. Does it rain much in San Fran?

    How do you stay (fashionably) dry on your bike without looking like a construction worker?

  4. bill/ yea - women and bikes are an awesome combo, watch out ;-)

    dottie/ social support certainly helps but you cant really force things on them - i even gave one of my girlfriends a free bike. has she used it? no
    im quite offended to be honest.
    but it is awesome to hear from new found loves found in getting to use a bike. im patient however, maybe. :D

    RJ/ it does, not as much as seattle or the northwestlands, and when it does - it sucks. Wool is a great combo along with water resistant items. I cant say I stay super dry, but hey - it's only water...

  5. I've never gotten a guy to wear a lampshade on a date before, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the compliments! Meli, we need to get some new photos :)

    Meli, have you gone out riding with your fried? That might help!

    Besos! oxox


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