Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog that denim.

hola happy girl
Hola, my pretty!
What do bloggers do when they get together? du'h–They snap lots of photos of them taking photos! :D
Above, Jennine photographs the Frenchie and also the awesome bike cozy my friend Adrienne knitted for me.

♥Many thanks to Jennine♥ (IFB founder & TheCoveted) for featuring me in her new blog eat,sleep,denim!!!
It was nice to catch up for coffee once again, and chat over current events, the weather and what not.
Check me out in wearing the latest hottest skinny jeans!!

ha haaa... SIKE. Well, my jacket might be the only denim I have worn in many years, so make sure you stop by to check the post/interview from the hottest SF denim blog:

eat, sleep, denim: Denim style »

ssssssup. The Frenchie and I posing for Jennine on a steep mean hill, where else, on Polk Street.


  1. omg it was so much fun! i love hanging out with you! and the photos turned out so great, you look gorgeous in every shot!

  2. gracias Jennine :D
    coffee anytime, you know it!

  3. Wow, that's a beautiful photo of you! (Hope that doesn't sound "too" creepy!)

  4. Meli!!!! Those paintings in the window are my friend Carlos! He works with cory at Dreamworks!!!


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