Tuesday, June 22, 2010

♥ gracias

Thanks for Caz for featuring me in a little quick interview for her cheeky blog in London:
londoncyclechic: meli »
Photo by Caz for londoncyclechic

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I am also humbly honored, not to mention that it made my day yesterday morning, to wake up to such a charming loving image of a young girl on a wooden bike, dress included - in Matthew's review for Sunday's Streets [Link: Mission Sunday Streets] so RAD♥!!!
I was certainly on a bike and dresses around that age, so quite close. Tonka trucks in basket included.


  1. Me encanta tu falda con leggings para montar en bici, te copiaré la idea jeje

  2. gracias linda! si okay, y me madas fotos okis?!
    quiero ver a ti y españa por bici! :D


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