Friday, June 18, 2010

TGIF. Red. Green. Pink. Bikes.

Roaming in the city. 7AM. Green lanes. Red limbs. Red. Red tights. Red. Ride. Ride.
Good morning everyone.
What is up. Enjoy your Friday!!
7AM panditta


  1. You look good in your tights, as well. But then you always do. No seriously, always. (Is red your habitual color, and was it planned or did it just happen?)

    Unless... So, where are the shots you have culled from the blog, the one that show you looking goofy, or less than perfectly put together?
    Muddy, drenched, spilled coffee, and like that, with the odd food fight thrown in, as well?

    You burned them, huh? I can live with that, a woman has to have a little mystery.

  2. gracias como siempre josh+lola

    tinker/ yes red is pretty much always somewhere around me :D
    thanks so much for such nice compliments - there are plenty of me as a tired little beast, good thing the photos dont smell... +yes mistery is somehow always lingering around me... mmhmmh <3


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