Thursday, July 8, 2010

Los events: rawwwrrrr

Soil Saloon tonight.
Be there. No maps here – if you know, you know.

soil saloon

Also, they have a sweet deal to win a bike:
"As this series progresses, we're still waiting for people to go into the Marin bicycles store, take a soil saloon themed picture to win a sweet, sweet mountain bike. Get in there. Get creative. Email us the results Then get to our races. We're still waiting on entries. At this point, if you actually send in a picture, your chances of winnin' are pretty damn sweet. Just racin' won't get you anything though. So get out those cameras and lather on that creativity.

Send entries to Tell your friends, maybe they need a mountain bike so they can race the next saloon. Must be present at the final event to win."
OK, that is all for now. See you there!

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