Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photo of the weekend: Biking is boring

the shanna

I love this shot by ramona.
Asides the fact that I could never do possibly do that, I think is a great capture. +super love her pink swoosh Cortez kicks.
One of my pet peeves is that people are enfatuated with cell phones, often with company-often alone, the mobile telephone gizmo becomes the one and most important priority. Join in the observation fest - I've started a group set, so feel free to add your photos to the Dating is boring photo pool on flickr. Have fun!


  1. Hilarious! and i love this new pool of yours.
    Whenever I see someone doing this I yell "Hang up and ride!"

  2. really? really? Yeah, I can ride no handed, I can talk on the phone... I can not stop in time..."CRAHSHHHSOOOF AUGHHHHH, My HIP GLASSES ARE COVERED IN BLOOD and my spedny arm tatoo is mangled!!!"


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