Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Colors calling the Indian summer.

I might be one of the few to sincerely enjoy the infamous mid-50°s San Francisco summer weather with its cloudy, moody, misty and often muggy-cold gray days. But I also quite enjoy the Indian summers, because that is when many of the music festivals happen, many local events take place, Tour de Fat swings by once again this September, and there are lots of paled-skin monitor tans, computer desk bellies, workout busy bodies and oh the myriad of tattoos that come out to display every chance there is. And pretty much everywhere you go to there is plenty to see :D
What do you wear in the summer? Let's throw on some colors+more colors. They only look brighter in the fog. Yes!
My friend muffin brought me these crazy tights last year from her European trip.


  1. You look so pretty! You and your bike, true style! ;)

  2. Cool!
    Hey Meli, would like to share a story,

    Cool Jenny
    ++Will get back to you re handbagz, super buzy here!!++

  3. thanks sandra!! <3

    jenny/ great post! :D


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