Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dads on Wheels

I made a little quick graphic for this new series. You likeys?!
+will make up next week, hopefully our busy-city dads (and all SF parents) have had a busy back to school this week, so, it's all good.
Stay tuned for next week's profile and make sure to check out bikeNOPA today :D

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**If you or someone you know, would like to participate email me at bikesandthecity +at+ gmail**


  1. Love the art and looking forward to more from this series of profiles.

  2. Oohh, love the graphic! Can't wait to see the Dads on Wheels too. I love seeing parents biking with their kids, it makes me hopeful that I can continue my biking lifestyle when I become a parent!

  3. many thanks ladies, always fun to collaborate and learn different perspectives and awesomeness from SF fellow people on bikes


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