Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo del día: not many flat streets, not many flat shoes.

I have seen this woman riding around quite often in the past few weeks. The other day, Calitexican and I were having a very important meeting at around beer:30 and the traffic light happened to be red, so I had a chance to snap a shot. Every time she seems so calmed and elegant, riding with super cute shoes. She could be somewhere in Europe, but you know what – this is here and this is now.
And San Francisco ain't flat, honey.
+Check out the baby blue linus mixte. Very, very cool.
Page hill on heels
Page hill on heels. Rad.


  1. Ah yes. Clearly one of those women that makes looking beautiful and poised totally effortless. Sigh. I will never be one of those women. Her whole look is impeccable. Love the sweater coat, love the bike, love the baby seat, love the unfussy pony tail and especially love the super-chic shoes. Nice.

  2. you are your own awesome woman, the one LA woman we all want to be, my darling
    kisses +bici hugs, my dreamlet <3


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