Thursday, August 12, 2010

Powered by pizza

The Calitexican and I met up for some pre-century coffee, or snax. Turned out we had a ferocious appetite and what the hell, we were about to ride some crazy amount of miles, right?! So our bodies were attracted to the corner of 15th +Valencia as if we were bees heading to a beehive.
Little Star pizza, hello. How YA doin. We had some tremendous feast. Yes, this is the night before our 100K ride. kthx.
+big thanks to Todd our waiter. Primo service - we hearts you!!
powered by pizza
Little Star on Valencia street.

Ok this is right after we finished the century ride. hells yes
Roasted tomato penne pasta +pesto pasta +veggie lasagna +mashed potatoes *so goood* +pizza on top of it.
An ice-cold coke to kill the lack of caffeine grumpiness.
Sored legs. Happy belly.
Marin Century BBQ, San Rafael, Calif.

OK, I'm not sure why I am heavier than I am. I eat a lot. I wake up I think about lunch. After lunch, I'm already planning for dinner and so on. On Sunday, the day after the 100K Marin Century -so funny- I was craving pizza. Again.
This time my male partner in pizza crimes friend and I were located this time on the north side of the San Franciscverse, in the Marina galaxy. Don't panic, this DeLa Rosa joint, sister to the Mission's Beretta's, it's pretty badass. I approve of it fondly and the staff are *super* nice. The clientele, well yes, good people watching maximus for sure. But who cares. You are there for the pizza. And they have tons of local beer including my new favorite (none above Anchor Steam, of course) Linden Street Brewery black lager. Delicious.
Dela Rosa on Chestnut street.

Pizza, it does a bikey body good.
Is it Friday yet?


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