Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Bikes and the City guide: jury duty

Anything to be recommended by me, will more than likely inlcude a few neighborhoods in the City and be all about staying caffeinated. Here is one that perhaps doesn't happen as often and it is something no one likes to do. I highly dislike it and all, but you know what - why be bitter about it. Even the best coffee couldn't make the much depressing Bryant building seem any better, but at least it gave me a little bit of motivation to plan for during recess time.

So, yes – a few weeks ago I had jury duty. I have been a registered voter since the day I turned 18. A biker and a voter and a big mouth. Oh my.
So when I showed up to the Bryant location for my civil duties, my first thoughts were:
1) where am I going to run off for my coffee
2) where am I going to run off for a second coffee and a snack
3) where am I going to run off for a second coffee and lunch
Priorities, ihas cheesburger.
At the check in, I saw this calendar which included a cute little basket bike:
well cant say it was a bad start

Bike Parking
I must say because at this point ♥Frenchie was at the shop, there was no way I would take my beautiful smurfette -the torpado steel road bike- and park it anywhere near here, for over 2 minutes. Most parts come off that bike rather easily. So I decided to walk, be on foot for once. But the question was - where is there any secure parking near here? Especially when you are away from your bike for sometimes many hours at the time. There are some racks right across the building but wouldn't it be nice if there was maybe one space with say, 4-5 sets of a few bike racks to accomodate those biker voters that report to duty? Businesses call 311, who does the supreme court call?
parking priorities
A few years ago maybe in 2004 I was called for duty and I remember parking in the BPS parking lot off 8th/Bryant. I don't recall if REI was already there, but I used to go to the BPS quite frequently during that year. That somehow worked out as the duty lasted no more than 2 hours and my bike at the time was the rolling meaning of a beater bike. This time the jury selection went for a few days and I decided to walk. Though I really felt like having a skateboard, would have made it so much more edgier. Anyway.

Coffee + a morning bagel
a quiet folsom st.
a quiet folsom st.

For the first break, I was really hungry and didn't want to wait for lunch. I had to have a bagel and some iced coffee. Happens so that an awesome heat wave was happening and I was stuck indoors.
So after the judge said the magic B word, break was to be had and a bagel was to be devoured.
I headed over to folsom street speed-walking like a champ to get a bagel and coffee over to the colourful BrainWash (coffee, food y laundry). Oh lifesaver.
Say a command.
Say a command
A little walk on Langton alley can be the visual enhancement I already needed.
objection your honour, my stomach has a statement to make
A new species of raptor: the cocobageldrile

Coffee + lunch
The second day of duty, the lunch period we were given expanded to almost 2 hours so, I once again used my walking skills to get over to the Potrero/Mission area and I went to coffee bar. I was so overheated when I got there, I drank coffee, iced tea and I was so happy the also had gazpacho. Uyyy yea.
And on the way out, I came across this rad red+yellow bike, and this parrot just cracked me up

What have been your bicycle experiences for jury duty? and what made you get through the day or, where were your bike parking issues? Do tell.

Bleeegh. Now I'm good for the next year ---- OK.
So, that is my little guide to a little caffeinated love while at jury duty.
And as Lauren Hill will say, you can turn the negative into a positive picture.
+ + +
Paz y voting.


  1. Long, long ago I received an invitation for jury duty. I went. I must have said something that left an impression with them for I was never called in again for over 25 years. Then we moved. New voter precinct and my name came up. Thing is, they send those cards out a couple months before the date. The date came but by now I had forgotten about it. I never heard anything about not coming in. Getting older; the little grey cells aren't what they used to be. I'll stick to that story. I liked your story about jury duty.

  2. Damn, that post made me hungry! LOL!!
    To Jury Duty on a bike? Why the heck not? You go my friend!
    Peace :)

  3. oh sinbad, you trouble maker :D
    ok, you have given me a boost to think perhaps I will be done for a little bit. these places are so depressing.

    chandra/ thanks as always amigo ;-)
    the bagel just made the whole morning go better, oyyy.


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