Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boys, their bikes & coffee week: Frank

♥The boys are back once again for the September series week! Take your bikes+boys+coffee weekday dose of daily charm, from the San Francisco bike lanes. Enjoy the profiles of these fine men around our city! :D

All photos picked by Frank and credited accordingly.

1. "Red" is an old Specialized Allez for "dry" days. A friend moved out of the country leaving "Red" behind for me, and it's turned into my primary commuting bike.

Mr. Bikes by sdlawsonphoto
2. "Blue" is an almost as old Cannondale road bike now with fenders for those "wet" commuting days. It's really a stunt double for...
Powell between from Jackson to Washington
Powell between from Jackson to Washington by geekstinkbreath

3. My "nice blue" Cannondale road bike. It's for those weekend warrior road rides that I don't do often enough.
frank y greg
frank y greg by meligrosa

4. "Silver" is a Cannondale mountain bike I got in the mid-90s when seemingly everybody got mountain bikes even if they just rode on the road. I can't believe how many miles I commuted in stubbies and then slicks when I probably should've had a road bike all along. Now I just use it to haul stuff or attach a trailer.
03597 Chiumobile in front of City Hall after Election Day
03597 Chiumobile in front of City Hall after Election Day by geekstinkbreath

5. My college junker mountain bike sits in the garage, and I should really do something better with it.
The Cannondale slant is unintentional, but I do like the monochrome look.

Definitely coffee. The single espresso is still the litmus test for any place. As my Italian friend says about the plain cheese pizza and pizzerias, "If they can't get that right..." If I'm hanging out with friends, I'll get drip or French press to sip more slowly. Once in a blue moon, I'll feel decadent and get a soy mocha.

Last year we tried to combine two Bikes and the City vices in a Tour d'Espresso and had a great group of java junkies. Of course, we didn't plan for it to be one of the hottest days of the year, so we had to make sure we people weren't the odd combination of dehydrated and overcaffienated. I had six espressos pretty much on the hour from 10am to 3pm -- nuts. They were all very good though.
05729 Me looking surprisingly calm halfway through the tour
05729 Me looking surprisingly calm halfway through the tour by geekstinkbreath

'Hood and fave bike ride in city:
I'm usually in the downtown core but suppose I'm a sucker for the hills, perhaps after seeing European grand tour bike races mostly decided in the high mountains. Each year we seem to have a larger turnout for our tour of the steepest hills. More practically, I'd rather take a hilly, direct route that's a little more quiet than some circuitous, flat route that's more congested.

My first attempt to formalize the bike and coffee connection was in a short film I did about the six steepest streets in SF, Russian Hill Roulette. I was trying to tie those two with my favorite bands.
9747 Espresso before #3 Jones on screen
9747 Espresso before #3 Jones on screen by chanarchy

Gracias Frank!!


  1. Yay for Frank! Super nice guy every time I've crossed him through various SFBC channels AND he put a pic of my doggy eating an SFBC sticker in the Tuesday bulletin many moons ago. :-)

  2. frank is an SF character and great person! :D
    thanks for your comments, as always tamagosan


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