Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humpday inspirations: Le mornings smell like mornings.

Do photographs smell?
I can smell the smoke coming out of the cigarette in the woman standing back there. The smell of the zooming scooters. The smell of the news stand and the universal feeling that is the independence of grabbing your bike and going.
Did you smell anything interesting this morning?

♥I love this picture.
from Regis, my bloggy friend at


  1. Oh, man, I biked in Paris when I was young, centuries ago, I loved it. What stuck with me was the diesels, whenever I run into the right combination of city, sounds, light, atmosphere, and diesel, I go right back.

  2. oh I bet you have beautiful memories.
    the smell of diesel reminds me of my mom's nova in the early 80s. eeeek

    thanks for stopping by as always :D


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