Monday, September 13, 2010

Music. Makes the peeps. Come together.

Yeah. no wonder I was super beat starting September. The last week of August was go go go tremendous fun.
So much F.Fun.
This is the city and we rocked it like this.
Dancedancedance +rock on.

Sunday, August 22nd
They might be giants | Stern grove festival
Sunday, August
oh hai
oh hai
we were in the hills. even at free concerts we can't avoid those pinches hills.
this was certainly a good legs+butt workout
bike valet
bike valet
there might be giants
They might be giants.
where to next
where to next
in the sunset district
golden gate panda
golden gate panda
I rode to stern grove alone, I think we all did. The we found us all +rode back through golden gate park, which was still closed to vehicles for the most part. nice
then we headed to the lower haight some wanted ice cream, and most of us had a beer at toronado.
I also tried the infamous rosamunde's for the first time. el veggie hot dog was not bad at all.

♥Monday, August 23rd
Girl in a coma | Bottom of the hill
Girl in a coma
San Antonio's finest!

Girl in a Coma - these gals are RAD.
It is my 2nd or 3rd time seeing them live. It's so much fun.
We ran into Rio, also a big GIAC fan =)

That evening we had a heat wave (you know us San Franciscans, weather at 85° at night=epic heatwave...)
GIAC Crew!
GIAC Crew! by El Rio
Nothing but love!
Nothing but love! by El Rio
Photo by Meli

+I snapped this with his camera. SMFF

On our way out, we found a rear rack so skinny - it'll cost you an arm and a leg.
let's also mention that the bike was locked, to itself... oy drunk bikers!

♥Thursday, August 27th
Hang Jones | Hotel Utah

la chica del acordeón
la chica del acordeón
"luv you all. dammit."
"love you all, dammit!"
The racks around the Hotel Utah were mostly pretty crowded, so I decided to double up to LMG's gorgeous orange rivendell which was locked to a parking meter right by the entrance.
The doorman approached me and said 'you know, that isn't cool to lock up to another bike like that'
I let him know I knew her, he smiled and started telling me about his bikes. I tell you. Bikes are the best ice-breaker.
Then I told him 'you alrite. looking out for bikes, I like that'
The macaroni+cheese in the Hotel Utah hit the spot.
Hang Jones did a great intimate performance. Good times.

Saturday, August 28th
NORTEC!! | The independent SF
tijuana sound machine
lungs. hellsyes
lungs. hellyes
dense dance denseeee
dense dance denseeee
longhorn fingersitos y pinche omar
longhorn fingersitos y pinche omar
dense dance denseeee
dense dance denseeee

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  1. that was a fun couppla daze. hazy thereafter. heeeeeeeeee.


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