Friday, September 17, 2010

San José bike party - August post

say quesssoooooo
Diana and I
San José Bike Party | August editionsjbikeparty.orgAre you ready for my long SJ party post?! You better be.
So we got our bikes and ourselves to the San José bike party last month. The weather was fantastic and it was just soooo much fun.
Diana sunset
sunset + myriads of bikes
Mi red limbs match that crazy sombrero little señor up there

The bike party is super fun and there are a tremedous amount of young teenagers, something you don't typically see in abundance around San Francisco bicycle events at all. You know you in San José bike party when teenage boys are yelling at you left and right BIKE PAR-TAYYY
say heyaaaaaaaa
say heyaaaaaaaa
strike a pose
strike a pose
Teenage dream, tonite
Teenage dream, tonite

The eye candy in the bike party is good exercise for the brains. Everyone is so damn friendly and chatty. Well not only boys, but you see all kinds of beautiful people, for everybody. Wheeeeeeeee
peace out
peace out
this nice guy had just arrived from a trip to Europe, he told me he had taken his bike - sound system included.
sound system
Panda in the house
Wattaaa flirt he was!!
cast salute!
cast captain!
He was riding with a cast, how cool is that?!
Damn. Hotness.
After finding these fine duo of guys and asking them to take their picture with their dope shirts and spotless bikes, they told me they wanted a photo with me - and of course I had to oblige ;-)

Amongst hundreds+hundreds of people and us two roaming around with dead cell phones (was Friday night afterall) we still manage to run into our friends, and their friends. Good times!
Chespirito rides a bike
Chespirito aka Miguel is in the house
Miguel's brother and cousin
Miguel's brother y cousin
Our halfway faces
Nyle y Alex with Diana
alealelale the dj
Alejandro was our DJ for the 2nd half of the night. and I cannot lie.
I can has DJs
He even let me pose as bike DJ. oh hai.
Glow worm
glow worms. there was glow sticks everywhere!
Past the light
bright star! - Diana couldn't stop smiling+laughing the whole ride =) so awesome!
Los Powered by Beans
hey baby - que pasó?!
and los super handsome guys that master the old-school + rad beats behind Powered by Beans! I hearts them
Pitch black
We ended the 30+mile ride with giant smiles in our faces. Later the next day we learned they were some accidents. I think the SJ Bike Party and its force of "birds"(volunteers) that make this such a safe+fun event, do an excellent job and it is inevitable that there are always a few crazy and/or irresponsible accidents.

The few times that I have decided to do it, has been nothing but tremendous fun and a great way to feel that the color of ethnicity surround you. In San Francisco I have not spoken Spanish as much as I have in San José, during ANY of the critical masses in the last decade. And if you want to be exposed to full-time Spanglish, this is the place to learn while riding. Lesssgo, vámonos!!

That night the infamous MOGO bbq save the night. I mean Korean+tacos, just super awesome. I had some kind of late-night hungry crankyness quesadilla life saver and so did Diana. Some of the guys had hot dogs from the kart.

Also I want to say many thanks to the blog readers that took a minute to say hello. I am absolutely flattered and impressed to have met so many of you in San José, so very cool!!!

+ + +
I'm still hungry
And back to the starting point.
It was close to 2AM at this point +we were ready to eat some more, and go to sleep.
wow 30+miles and Diana's first long ride in ages. I'm so proud of her, she totally rocked!!
- - - - -
bike parTAY!!!!


  1. So much fun with so many cool people. Great pix m e l i!

  2. thank you JRA! :D so much fun <3

  3. I didn't see you there, but there were thousands of people and I was on my own mission of speed and awesomeness. My friend and I rode from his place in downtown SJ so we had to catch up with the pack at the first meet up spot after the start, luckily we printed out 2 maps b/c his blew out of his back pocket on the way. It was fun, I hadn't been in a while, b/c I heard the some of crowd was getting out of hand (picking fights and stuff).


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