Tuesday, September 28, 2010

With love from: bici love everywhere!!

This is dedicated to a few awesome peeps that have sent me little bits of rad things in the email/postal box.
♥gracias all!

++++ Santa Cruz, CA
Alejandro sent me this shot from his hot weather roamings in Sunny Santa Cruz. I'm overdue for a little weekend trip there +catch up with my brother. What's up SC

++++ Sonoma, CA
This video is SUPER. Have any of you done this?! I'm into it. Anyone wanna go to a picnic with me?! I bring the cheese, you bring the wine+the pump.
Thanks to Natalie for the tip.

++++ Sacramento, CA
Many thanks to sweetheart Lorena from Sacramento's fashionable blog: Sac Cycle Chic for sending me a pin to add to my bikey international collection on disintegrating jean jacket =)

++++ San Diego, CA

A very well written piece about bicycles and where we are headed. Thanks for the mention about the blog I collaborate with 3 other bicycle women (Change Your Life. Ride a Bike!) and Esteban's observations about oil and our progress as citizens of this world.
Read it here: Pedaling through the Transnational Public Screen Esteban del Rio / University of San Diego

++++ Seattle, WA
Butter Bill goes to Seattle and he better had his taste of the coffee up there in that pike+pine lands of the north.

++++ Hong Kong
All images part of P H Yang's post and CNN iReport: Over 900 Ride For Climate Change
So cool! I love that lady in the blue cap. Awesome!

++++ Berlin ,DE
And this is pretty awesome.
JLF has found my secret German life.
Comes at no surprise riding bikes, bloggin and having a coffee shop, what else!?

image from somewhere in the interwebs -JLF


  1. this is perfect...no, it's really good....our Meli would have more style when she opens her coffee, city, and boys spot

  2. aww!! :D
    it will be fantasticooo


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