Monday, October 25, 2010

Caffeinated demons

looks like a caffeinated demon to me
Mi SouthPark caffeine personal demon.

The toughest moments in my life smell like coffee. The happiest memories, smell like coffee.

My addiction for caffeine is intense, and I will be the first one to admit it. I am a complete bitch without it. I am totally normal with it.
Most people think drinking lots of coffee makes you all hyper and jittery and to me, maybe I drink such massive ammounts - that it has the complete opposite effect.

Here is a small percent of them.
This post is dedicated to this past weekend. I drank so much coffee, I felt as if I was back in undergrad, except I'm much healthier now.

2010-10-22 18.19.55
crappy phone foto


  1. Looks like you spent Sunday well. Tis a rainy Monday here and those cozy two bottom images hold the antidote.

  2. I hear ya!! I love my coffee and used to be able to drink lots at any time of the day and then still go right to sleep. For a variety of reasons, I've had to cut back and I've weaned myself off much of it...I do one little cup in the morning now. But I will never give up on my love entirely :)

    Love the coffee pictures, yours always make me want to run out and get one more good cup of java <3

  3. I too, like Simply Bike, always enjoy your coffee pictures. My pictures never look so nice. Maybe it has something to do with the paper cup.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I've quoted you in my blog, BikeNüt News,
    I hope you don't mind.

  5. Loved this post! I still love coffee, though, I think I have gotten past the undergrad stage. There was a time when I could not sleep after drinking coffee though - may be they were the college days. Those days are long gone now!!

    Peace :)

  6. I know everyone is talking about the coffee, but what caught my eye is your boots - Love 'em!! (but can you actually bike in them??) Cheers!!

  7. cameron/ yes, never a bad time for a good cup of coffee :D

    simplybike/ aw-thats great!! if this blog came with smell, it def. be fresh coffee grounds!!

    sinbad/ but I like them! esp. the ones of sinbad and all the recent bird ones!
    keep shotting :D

    paolo/ oh cool, yea no prob -thx for letting me know
    nice to see you guys have a blog, do you guys now carry more bike bells…

    chandra/ thx chandra. enjoying plenty it while my body can still forgive me it :DDD

    paddyAnne/ hey thanks for stopping by! I just checked your blog, added to my reader --- go vancouver :D
    and yes of course I have biked in them plenty. It doesnt rain 'too' much here but when it does, it is a good time. past posts from last year and so, here and here

  8. aside from being an undergrad, i work in coffee for my academic sanity and i do notice a trend that when it rains peoples moods tend to lag so they turn to coffee for happy times and warmth. the city is a mecca for those times too, so drink up!

  9. Mmm these are some good looking coffees. Can it really be so long ago we met up at the Ferry Building for coffee and lunch? i'm heading up to No Cal in the coming month--I will email you :)

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Ahh... this photo makes me smile :)


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