Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From 90 to 50

Late September +++++ OK. Welcome summer.
ok. welcome autumn
Late October +++++ OK. Welcome autumn.
And within a few days, our brief but badass warm Indian summer is gone.
We went from 85° to 55° in a couple of days. I don't particularly care for the heat much at all. I'm a huge fan of the high 40°s and low 50°s. Nothing more. Nothing less.

However, I very much appreciated the hot heat this year.
Mucho calor.
It just felt tremendously good to take a brief break from layering so damn much every day, I even rode sans tights a few times, and give my pale-fog tan a break and get some vitamin D on my skin.

My favorite part about the warm days was enjoying all the end of summer concerts, early coffee rides because it is already super clear and beautiful at 7AM and nothing smells better than a good dose of mean delicious coffee.
Late nite rides home, improptu bike peeps gatherings and clear starry skies with ding-ding bike bell soundtracks.

Me gusta el sol. Me gustas tú.
indian summer ICE
Ojos de Indian summer.
The eyes get the fog treatment almost year-round so, getting some sun without shades is good while it lasted.
oh hai
OH HAI September heat. It was nice to have you.
See you next year, now bring your friend the fog back. kthx.
besos / xxo♥m


  1. your comments on actually seeing stars at night rung a bell for me... living near the coast i sometimes forget there are stars... but it is nice to be reminded as in the past few weeks... sans tights,huh? that was a warm Frisco summer...

  2. Me gusta la primera foto, muy divertida

  3. I love autumn rides! well, currently I miss them...but most every year I find myself riding the long way to anywhere I need to get to in the waning days of autumn.

    Red tights = happy days!

  4. me gusta el otoño me gustas tu

  5. cosmo bean/ oh yea, stars at night are amazingly beautiful this time of year. and yes gotta show them legs a few times a year sans tights, gotta turn up the heat even more he hee ;-)

    joshYL/ gracias, linda

    elisa/ autumn is my fave season of the year (as if we have 'seasons' here..) LOL
    thx for stopping by luv!!

    cc/ ♥ ala bi. ala ba. ala bimbon bam.

  6. 80s or 40s, that dress and tights combo is gorgeous!

  7. I wish it would get cool enough consistently in Atlanta to wear tights in the mornings, but not be burning up by afternoon! We have the usual crazy Fall temperatures, with a range of 40-85 degrees, all in one day :)

  8. I love this post with all the pretty Meli pictures! That last one is too cool, total feminine badass.

    I didn't realize that San Fran gets hot in the fall, that's interesting. 40s and 50s is my ideal cycling temperature. Too bad my morning commutes are already creeping down to the 30s.

  9. velouria/traci/dottie
    ♥gracias very much, ladies! :DD

    +dottie, yes our best weather (and best time music concerts, events etc.) is between sept-oct, most years is just gorgeoussss.
    and eeeek, 30... dont think it drops that low around here much at all.


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