Monday, November 22, 2010

Copenhagen, in the house.

copenhagen boys
I ran into these two handsome young men, visiting from Copenhagen.
The one on the right told me he really like the Frenchie, he said to not look at his bike because he was only borrowing it and then he started cracking up because it was way too small for him and who cares, it will take him there and back!!
The other guy said they were headed to a party. We kept riding and chatted for a bit, then we split way to each of our party destinations.
They were so sweet --- Nice meeting you both!

San Franciscan and Copenhagenittes seem to like to know how to party, we had an awesome time when Michael, our favorite seƱor from the Europeandlands visited a bit over a year ago (see his post here) we had a blast with Halloween critical mass, tequila, mariachis and late night city riding. That was super fun! =)


  1. oh hai!!! hot copenhagen dudes on bikes!

  2. Cheers :)


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