Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Live here: SF | Exhibit & Opening photos

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Where did November go?! It started with a massive baseball-winning Giant party, and now we are at the last day of the chrysanthemum month. Here is the much promised post for the I live here SF: Opening, which took place at the beginning of November 5th. (and a got many city events coming
--- but seriosuly, October and November... two nautty fast fun months!!)

Opening reception, Friday Nov. 5th at SOMArts
silvy and her magic poems
silvy and her magic poems
friends of the interwebs
say cheese
with Mike and the always fabulous Wardell
photography is boring
sign of the times
I Live Here:SF
We live here

Julie and I connected reading each other's blogs quite sometime ago. She photographed me sometime in 2009, and we had such a good time roaming through some of the hills and places with our precious beautiful tools. Julie had a super cool camera with a lens she had checked out or borrowed, and me with my bike. That morning we met for early coffee and the texture and lighting in the skies were wicked cool, as it had just stopped pouring. It has been one of my most fun mornings with a wonderful local creative woman. I love what you do Julie!! 
Julie y yo
Julie y yo
oh HAI
I was so stoked and excited to see the all of the photographs, up close and full of color.
Here is a photo of a very happy me (taken by Alex, thx!) in front of my photo at the Lyon steps =)

- - -
I was very happy and quite flattered to be part of the Discussion Panel which took place a couple of weeks ago, rain and all. I posted it not too long ago, right before the Thanksgiving break [link]
Here my bloggie friend Amber, sent me a Diptych piece from it with 2 of the posted photos -so nice, ♥thanks!!

And well, and tonight is the closing reception --  so don't miss it!

Tuesday, November 30: Closing Night Reception
If you couldn’t make it for the opening night, or just couldn’t get enough… come for one last visit to the wonderful collection of images from the I Live Here:SF project in the main gallery. Silvi Alcivar of The Poetry Store will be on site to create custom poems our own indoor 30-Stockton Muni bus shelter. via ilivehereSF»


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