Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tuesday like no other.

+  Los Gigantes de San Pancho win the baseball world series ----- the city is so crazy insane.
+  [Don't forget] Califas voting day.
+  Y the most important annual holiday for me: ♥ Día de los muertos.

More pictures later – For now, here are our Día de los muertos awesome photos.
I have not yet been to the 16th and Mission station, but I hear is surrounded by the bikey calacas. So rad!!

♥Día de los muertos
**All photos of Mayra and I, by Rio Yañez
Mayra recently posted a before and after post, make-up video included here  

La Meligrosa
"La Meligrosa"
Mayra y su bicicleta
"Mayra y su bicicleta"

If you haven't been, the exhibition Honoring Revolution with Visions of Healing - ends this week, please swing by - there are amazing shrines and rad pieces in display. A post about the opening later on.
SOMArts | 934 Brannan St. –– 1Admission is free
Closing reception this Nov. 6th, 5-7:30 PM
Puro Lowrider shot
"Puro Lowrider shot"
Mayra by El Rio:
Mayra y su bicicleta
"Mayra y su bicicleta"
Viva Mexico
"Viva Mexico"

+Yours truly, by El Rio:
Meligrosa in Red
"Meligrosa in Red"


  1. Super currado ese maquillaje y como siempre el fetichismo que tenemos por las bicis.

    Muy guapo.

  2. Those Día de los muertos photos are so cool - I can't decide which is my favorite!!

  3. That is real nice art work. How long did you have to sit still for to have it done? I like the photo with the bicycle the best.

  4. gracias Ruben, fue una session muy divertida e interesante =)

    traci/ mis sarah ♥ !!!!

    sinbad/ many thanks!! My mom is getting that big print soon :D
    it took us well over 3 hours in between talking, getting silly and listening to Rio's music. Not sure if you saw the video link above, he made a little 1 minute one here

    Good times

  5. of course,
    my favorite day!
    had to check in and see what you had cooking.
    awesome as always!

    hope all is well in the foggy morning city!

  6. Amazing pics! Feliz Dia de los Muertos y Felicidades Gigantes!

  7. These pictures are amazing!!!

  8. Super chevere! Love these!!!

  9. You look beautiful! I attended my first Dios de las muertes party this year and I am completely obsessed.
    Way to rock it.

  10. ♥thx so much all
    +yay for sports!!

    libertyonwheels/ aw so cool!! thx =)

    elisa/ that is awesome, im so happy you attended, I bet it was a blast <3

  11. OMG that costume should win best Halloween bike costume in the blogosphere! Excellent, truly excellent!


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