Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good morning, at 39°

Because it does feel insanely cold after a heat wave of mid-70°s spoil Fall season treatment, oooookay!!!
Last night after finishing butterlap, I saw the temperature had reached 40°. It didn't feel too cold, but my cheeks were nice and crisp. I love that feeling.
One of the mornings before the Thanksgiving break, my girlfriend Muffin and I got together for another one of our early morning coffee sessions. We try to chose different locations around town from time to time. The weather indicated 39° that day and it was also pretty windy. As a whimpy native Californian, I knew it was remarkably cold when my fingers got a little numb while riding.
coffee, girlfriends y botas
good morninglands
See, it wasn't that cold if this guy was roaming in shorts. So was I, but with my tights under.
market st.
Getting some sunshine on Market.
morning shadows
This cute guy was spotted near the Ferry Bldg.
with mi michelin burrito jacket
Well that was before 8am or so, after I caught some warmth and got rid of that jacket after taking this shot that morning. I almost that silly jacket which is not really functional but to feel like a mix of a Michelin-man and a human burrito at the same time. This jacket is not even water-repellant, a total FAIL in the lands of fog maximus. I never wear it, but I can almost say it was nice to wear it that morning and my friend loves to tease me since I have been saying for almost a decade that I will soon donate it. So I wore it to make her laugh about it. Soon...
bike to work
We split ways and off we go.
Til next time! --- Chauu!


  1. Vergüenza te tenía que dar meli! I look out the window and I see hail, snow and rain, all at the same time. And all horizontal thanks to the famous Dutch wind! :p

    Besos desde Ámsterdam.

  2. envidia de la buena, supongo?!
    un cálido abrazo claro ;) xxo


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