Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Holiday season is here

los cupids
Cupid santas
Above: Super duo at this year's Supermarket Streetsweet. If they look familiar, you have probably seen them on their tandem around town. If you were a reader of my now retired column in Momentum What to Wear, Joel y Cecilia were featured and printed in the April issue  [link here]. Very cool!

lights are halfway done
Lights were halfway done. I haven't been to Union Square since, but I might ride by one of these evenings or early-early mornings.

Speaking of santas, I ran into a few of the ones in this year's Santacon this past Saturday 
while participating for the Supermarket Streetsweep. Here are a few shots. 
crossing santas
crossing santas
ucla santas
ucla santas
noel noble
noel noble
drunkette santas
drunkette santas
These santas were all over downtown, civic center and the tenderloin. 
Was a sea of red and the smell of stale budwesier everywere.

The other day I stopped by to say hello to Jefferson at Mission Bicycle and they have cute cards with bike themes, of course:
deeeeear bikes
bike mustaches LOL
and just in case your bike wants to be a dashing dapper gent ;-)
- - -
I have spotted some cute bike chicas around town already with the spirit full on.
Meet Cristina, I met her last Friday - she is a star!
lights at the statues
and la Calitexican has her bling going on
20061222 bicycle-menorah-8th-night
I also liked this bicycle-menorah found this picture above from 2006 
by my photo-buddy Jym Dyer, titled: "20061222 bicycle-menorah-8th-nigh" 

Nothing better to kick off Decemeber, than with books, babes and beer -- my ultimate favorite beverage of the year
babes, books, beer.
This year's Anchor Steam's Christmas Ale is like a young cousin of a porter, with a light spice kick to it and a red woody-like after taste. And that is my review.

union street 
happy holidays!
How are you celebrating the Holiday season?! December just sneaked in and now I can't wait for the end-of-year celebrations.  The Holidays are kind of special, people drive wasted, family members fight, family members make peace, people cherish and all kinds of emotions are stirred up upon each one of us reflecting or not, this past year and getting ready to welcome the next one.
home warmth
home warmth

This year I put some small decorations at home including my warriors basketball ornament, but decided to spend a bit more time on my bicycle than I did looking for a fuschia pink, white or red tree, so I decided to decorate my ride instead. In past years I've had the basket lights, so this year I also added some little holiday ornament things to saddle. The basket has a small wreath with mini-Poinsettias around the basket.
rear view
hyde and seek
hyde and seek.
Frenchie at the Cala market, on Hyde st.
- - -
happy holidays!! 


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  2. Great posting. Like the bikie cards..!!

  3. A fun post. I like how you decorated Frenchie.

  4. Best of Blogs San Francisco/ could you make the URL linking back here at the end clickable!? thatd be great. what is this blog, just posts the same identical post directly copying from people's blog? that is quite strange.
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  5. @ Meligrosa:
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