Tuesday, December 14, 2010

With love from: Illinois

I received this super nice photo and story from Illinois by Tim B:
Dad and his new Schwinn Varsity, May 1973
Dad and his new Schwinn Varsity, May 1973
Pictured: My dad's 197X (1974?) Schwinn Varsity.  Put some air in the tires, gave it a test run, and took it out for a GREAT ride  this morning. It needs to be greased, tuned, de-gunkified, and have all the other things done to it that have not been done in 20+ years.  But for now... Perfect. Solid. LOVE that bike. I've been window-shopping for road bikes for years, but I think my resources will be better spent "tuning up" this one. Love it.  If it ain't broke...

from Tim's blog: life at 1901
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Vintage classic bikes live on and get to see adventures from generation, to generation
♥Gracias/thanks for sharing Tim!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it...and that I could give a little love "back."

    I so so SO enjoy your posts...makes me want to come to SanFran with my yellow Schwinn and hang out with you. And drink coffee. And look at girls.



  2. that is very nice of you +yes!! sounds like you already have a great plan =))))

  3. Whoa. The guy on the left looks *exactly* like me. I guess that was from when I time-travelled. I didn't think there any cameras present... ;)

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post and photo.I'm glad that he kept the bike AND the images as well. I would love a photo of my Dad and his bike, but being the unsentimental type he got rid of the lot.



  5. thom/ you are timeless =))))

    ian/ oh many thanks to all you that read and send stuff, these notes made my day. maybe you'll come across some of them someday?! you never know


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