Monday, December 13, 2010

With love from: Wisconsin

Received this nice note with video inlcuded by Alyson from Madison, Wisconsin
I moved to Madison, WI in the spring of 2007 and was thrilled to discover the bike paths and learn about local biking culture.  I had bought a vintage Schwinn Breeze for $75 at a resale store.  As it was the first bike I had owned since my bike was stolen as a kid some 9 years before, I couldn't wait to get riding.  I knew nothing about bikes and made my decision to buy the Breeze on its glamor alone.

I am glad to have memorialized my trusty Schwinn in a video some friends and I made.  Not only is it an ode to my Breeze and our discovery of Madison via the bike paths, but is also a parody of the hip-hop song "Ice Cream Paint Job" that glamorizes all things car.  Upon seeing the video I thought, "I have to re-write this to be about bikes".  So I did.
This is a parody of "Ice Cream Paint Job" by Dorrough with Madison, WI flavor.
by Alyson 
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Thanks for sharing Alyson!

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  1. Sweet! Rock the Mad Town paths on that Schwinn. Steel all over.


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