Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bikes, coffee and poster deliveries

Some snaps taken between work and play.
Those tubes were pretty easy to tote around to make some of recent poster deliveries.
It is not very often I have that backpack with me, but it comes in quite handy at times. I don't like to carry anything on my back at all.
poster deliveries
What I was wearing that day.
See, I can start my own messenger service called: Meligrosa's Mixtes Mujeres Messengers. 
We don't promise fast, but we can promise coffee stains! oh, maybe not a brilliant marketing incentive...
Almost all the scarves I wear are knitted (crotched!?) by mi mom -- so lucky I am!

My homefries Richie recently took this one of me at Sightglass coffee, it is in 35mm analogue media. Rad.
Naturally I snapped one of him as well, getting coffee at Stable coffee.
Having good friends to geek out to Cameras and chisme, guarantees good times.
He has started to share his fotos +all good things at notmyrichie.

richie in pentaxlands
Richie in pentaxlands.


  1. Love your sense of humor,and if ya ever want to start up a coffee delivery service,I'll be your first employee! Don't worry,I won't drink up all the profit,as I'm down to no more then 3 cups a day!

  2. You're the cutest girl in the world!

  3. Just don't mix up the tubes, Greg Brady! Mike won't be happy if he presents a Yogi Bear poster at his big meeting!

  4. I think most potential customers for a messenger service would be willing to trade speed for beauty any day.

  5. You look like a Bond girl bent on industrial espionage ; )

    and the verification code is...


  6. SUPER cute outfit!! Love the scarf too - my mom knits me stuff all the time (including a purple afghan that I adore). :)

    Thanks for the support of my vegan lifestyle change too! I am so thrilled that you check out my blog. <3

  7. Big orange scarf and shiny black boots = good! :)

  8. I you deliver one day something in Paris, you can borrow one of my "porteurs"; would be very cute with you!

  9. super cuteness chica, I hope we can meet up one day! <3

  10. Ha, I would totally hire your messenger service. :)

    I will be following Richie's blog, for sure. Love his shots and I'm always happy to find fellow film shooters via internet land.

  11. deliverman/ to employ you I shall!! =D

    julie/ aaah thx<33shucks!!!

    tim/ ha haaaa! luvvit

    sinbad and you/ always late but worth the wait… will for sure be printed somewhere LOL

    bethb/ of course doll! i am SOOO excited for you. +moms that knit ROCK!!

    karen/ winwin situation =D

    parisian/ now, that would be on time!

    lagelle/ mil thanks bella. It will happen, one day ;-)

    dottie/ I'm so stoked you both shoot film!!
    Def. makes for great AM artsy conversations over coffee, like the rolls, the places that develop them, the death of kodachrome, Etc.


  12. I'm sorry but on top of living in a fabulous city you also have the most fabulous boots and clothes. Dood. You really got it goin' on der.


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