Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Butter up, buttercups! It's butter lap

 Butterlap | Meets Wednesdays at Ferry bldg. 7PM
Ends at Bender's around 9PM • about 17-18mi ride
++ Ferry building (in front of the steps)
++ Ft.Mason (at the excercise bars by the statues, atop Gashouse cove
++ Presidio overlooking Baker Beach (Lincoln at Washington Blvd.)
++ Legion of honor
++ Clement and 43rd ave.)
++ Ocean beach (Great Hwy at JFK)
++ Stanyan and Fell/Oak
++ Benders (19th at S. Van Ness)
Jan 5th 2011 - The first Butter lap in 2011 San Francisco. Flat tires/punctures (I think we had 7 in total) and bloody whipeout. No, it isn't always like this. Actually, I don't recall any bloody falls or that many flat tires at all, in the last few years of doing butter. Rain + New Years = crappy junk all over the streets. Continues after the fotos ---

flat #3
el fabulous Duby strikes a pose
new butterlapers
First time butterlapers! Diane + Mr. Maximum Fun
Commuter, rider, biker, stickers, all over the Bay.
Nio's ride
Nio's bike at the current Legion of honor exhibit.
duby's ride
Duby's bike.

The most popular photo (below), without me even uploading to the interwebs as of last week. Dang.
We are all adults here, so refrain yourself from helmet/no helmet use. I must say however, that gears and brakes are VERY nice to have for butter, unless you want some knarly scars like this crazy one. I don't remember if he had a helmet or not, point is that hill is STEEP and really fast, I am always terrified if I go fast, I can always break a limb or lose control, hit a car on the curve and fly over to the ocean to fall into a shark' mouth. OK I'm exaggerating, but you know what I mean.

butterlap butterblood

I was highly impressed at how nice and helpful the Clif House staff were (two men came out to check that it was all good with the group). They also offered Keith to use their first aid kit and restroom to wash up, which I thought was very kind of them. Take good care of yorself dood!

The rest of the ride after multiple flats and Keiths's incident, was the latest we have arrived to Bender's. We usually get there at around 9PM, this time we got there at 1030PM. Oy.
New year, new stories.
Damn. Ride on!


  1. so..... what does "butter lap" mean anyway?

  2. called butterlap b/c it is "as smooth as butter."
    asides the embarcadero, it involves almost no large intersections/traffic lights.

  3. That sounds like it was awesome and exciting.

    You guys and gals get rowdy in SF.

    - james

  4. That sounds like it was awesome and exciting.

    You guys and gals get rowdy in SF.

    - james


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