Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Events+moments del 2010: May 11th Dr. Sketchy's girls on bicycles

Los events: this week There are some photos and events I didn't get to publish last year, I will post them in the first couple of weeks of the new year so, some kind of my quasi-review of 2010.

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Last year, Alice invited Amanda, Constance and I to be the models for her fantabulous Dr.Sketchy's event. The theme was Girls on bicycles and the event was SUPER fun. Posing and being still for 5 minutes is pretty hard work. It was awesome to see the pieces of art at the end, meet many of the artists and having a drink to toast for the event. Good times.

The event was at 111 Minna, we brought our bikes in and we posed with one of the bright orange public bikes. The audience was colourful and brught all their pads and pencils and were ready to rock. Here are the photos from the much overdue post from May 2010, so much fun!
Feed the models, had some snacks before heading to the event.
111 minna
Arriving at 111 Minna
rearview from the girls
rearview view
bike. pose. chillin.
Amanda y Constance
stage view
An orange public bike. Stage view
los artists
sketch sketch
muscleeeeeeeees. Constance held this pose for *AGES** ♥Go girl!!
strike a pose. there's nothing to it.
Alice is in the house!!
je jeeee
blue red visions
watercoloresque -- so cool!
constance -by jordan
Jordan and a drawing of Constance.
He was so nice to share them here are a few of Jordan's sketches:
05111005 Cute Girls on Bicycles_Jordan Hines
title: "05111005 Cute Girls on Bicycles_Jordan Hines" by SweetBippie
05111001 Cute Girls on Bicycles_Jordan Hines
title: "05111001 Cute Girls on Bicycles_Jordan Hines" by SweetBippie

These are by Diane Oliver:
bikeonground by Diane Olivier
3onabike by Diane Olivier
racing by Diane Olivier
holdingbike by Diane Olivier
this is one of my faves!! ♥thanks Diane
popdresssitting by Diane Olivier

Cute Girls on Bicycles 1
Cute Girls on Bicycles 1 by OwlBoogie
Dr Sketchys SF - May 2010 - Sexy Girls on Bikes
Dr Sketchys SF - May 2010 - Sexy Girls on Bikes by atomicbear
 - - -
these two (above and below) are by Jamdye
And one last one of so many talented artists that evening, this one by Blake B:
2010-05-11 21.02.54
 "2010-05-11 21.02.54" by schjlatah

oh heyyyy
Le Sketchers
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+++ I'd like to share the next few photos throughout the event, taken by Jesse M. -- many thanks! +++

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the girls
Alice, yo, Constance y Amanda
♥ It was such a FUUUUN art-drawing-modeling event! ♥
'til next time Sketchy's.

++Sketchy's next drawing event is coming up tonight Tuesday, January 18th. More info here: "Comic book babes" Dr. Sketchy's››
Next Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School: January 18th


  1. how fun!! (and love that gingham dress!)

  2. Loveeee! How fun to have your portrait done in so many different styles, very cool! Hoping all is well up in SF Melie. Would love to see you in 2011!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. What a fun event! You looked stunning!

  4. <333 muchos thanks ladies!
    +MJ, yes that would be lovelyyy we are way over due xxom

  5. This looks like it was so much fun - how I'd love to do something like that! You look gorgeous - and the portraits? Jealous in the nicest way of you ladies!


  6. Lady Vélo, there is a branch of Dr Sketchy's Anti-art school in London.


    Email them if you would like to model!


  7. morebikesthanshoesThursday, January 20, 2011

    1 <3 Art, Bicycles, and hot chicks on bicycles.


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