Sunday, January 2, 2011

Into el new year: coffee, rocking legs y rainy days

1.1.11 First coffee of the year 
¡HOLAAAAAAAA!! how are all you sunshines kicking it in the rain?!
Your wheelwoman Meligrosa here, doing a rare Sunday check-in. Why not is a new year and the good energy is flowing. How is the new year treating you!?

Got any resolutions? Do tell. I don't have any, really. I suppose I can do more yoga or something. But, I end up forgetting about it all by February.
Anyways – Thought I'd share a quick snap from New Year's eve, which will double as inspiration in case one of your resolutions involves some kind of excercise torture, like working out. As you see, San Francisco has great 5star gyms all over.
We call them hills.
And this is what it does to you, as shown by us San Francisco bicycle women ----You are welcome.
Bikes. It does a body good.
Bikes. It does a body good.
L-R: Di, Me, KLaw, Kim, Jenn, KT (aka killer calves!) | Photo by Nio



  1. pedal powers activate! happiest to you in 2011.

  2. That coffee looks divine for the very first of the year!

  3. Sig/ pedal powersss! - luvvit
    KT/ FY!
    Steve/ I couldn't wait! =)))

  4. Happy happy new year Meli, wishing you lots of steaming coffees, glorious bike rides and much happiness in 2011!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  5. Happy new year.
    Agreed...cycling give you great legs!

    Enjoy the year. xx:)

  6. Happy New Year to all cyclists here in San Francisco and beyond.

    Best wishes for safe cycling and pedal power!

    - Butterlapper

  7. maryjo/ thank yu luvely!!! same to u -- many hugs <3

    woollen/ hve a great one as well, thanks for you comments
    have a great year as well, keep the great blog/writing rolling! <3cheers

    mr./ thx +likewise!


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