Friday, January 7, 2011

Linktastic: new year, new bloggie peeps

New finds, fresh views and cool stuff. Your dose of linktastic! is here:
Each title links to the site.

Bike it!
Bay Area/West Coast
Fellow butterlapper shows us rides and adventures in his tumblr.

Rides a bike  (tumblr)
My bike pal A.M. from across the pond (UK) informed me of this cool site. "Movie stars and their self-propelled vehicles". I'm a fan!
eew haaaa

the Julie blog
New York
This gorgeous woman on wheels shows us how to roam in 30° weather in full-on fashion mode. Love her!

Biking in Dallas
Dallas, Texas.
Always a pleasure to hear about my peeps in the bike blogging community in the Lone Star state.
"We’re  couple of long-time Dallasites (one north, one east) who intend, through this site, to promote the enjoyment of exploring the City of Dallas and its’ surroundings by bicycle."

Ladies Unite!
All bout the us awesomee women, women!:
"This blog celebrates the joy of women riding bikes. It strives to be as diverse as possible; to represent women of all ages, colors, sizes, abilities and identities."

Chicago Ding Ding Let's Ride
Lots of bike parking/racks exposure around Chicago, mostly from a Pashley WorkCycles-Oma bike persepective.
"This blog is a little bit of bike activism,  a place to extol the virtues of city bike riding on upright or dutch bikes, and a place to promote bike riding for the entire family- especially those families with adaptive riders."

A few words too many
Sindeejoe keeps it real in her Bay Area roaming adventures. We are both not fans of Rainbow grocery. I like her.

Purple Traveller
UK (Dorset)
Trevor rides long distances with his road bike, and all over the UK mountains.

A visually cool tumblr. Lots of bike love.

Malaysia bike blog =)

San Francisco: treatzone
Cute and crafty San Francisco young couple. win win =)
"This website is where you can find out all about what we make and do, our adventures, and what inspires us."

San Francisco:  AshCan Magazine
With a great overview of fresh arts, articles and posts such as "As I would say: It’s like an acid trip you can read.", "The handmade ho-down" and more. It sure covers some ground.


  1. I <3 that photo of the green bike over the door BIG TIME.

  2. Here's how we roll in the Great White Frozen North (not really, just Oregon- but it was snowy and icy):

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! That's so nice! I follow your blog already and really enjoy reading your posts. One note.. My bike is not a Pashley though (wonderful as those bike are), it's a WorkCycles Oma. Happy New Year!!

  4. @julie/ rite?! such cool finds there

    @captain hairdo/ oh I love it, Im a fan of your posts+fotos =)

    ms.ding/ DU'H -- right!
    ride on snow trooper =)

  5. Awww! You're a Gorgeous Lady too! So glad I found your blog this fall.

    WISH I had your Weather!!!

  6. I owe you a margarita, the catch is you have to come to Texas to redeem it :-)



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