Friday, January 14, 2011

Los events this weekend.

♥Saturday: Ferry building
Don't forget Bike Valet Parking rockstars are parking your beautiful pedal-powered machine while you shop. Stop by and say HOLA! to my amiga aka bike parking rockstar Calitexican. Woot!

♥Saturday: Reid Brothers architectural ride
via (tip hat to mi amiga Diana for reminding me!!)
"The first of what has become a repeating tradition of bicycle tours of the Reid Brothers architectural works in San Francisco took place on 12 January 2008, led by Andy Thornley of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, starting at 1:30 in the afternoon (a fine, dry, clement afternoon) in front of the David Hewes Building at 995 Market Street."
+info here: [link]
I didn't do the ride last year and only briefly stopped by, ran into Brad (above) also taking some snaps, as well as capturing Phi, who was featured in the "What to Wear" for Momentum magazine [link]

+ + + + +
The SF Bike party posting will be coming soon. Lots of fotos, stay tuned!
=) TGIF and have a great weeekend!!!


  1. Hey, great shot of my buddy Brad... When it comes to street photography Brad is Top-Dog in my book... Nice guy too, as you know...

  2. The one ride that we have in DFW that might come close to your event is the Tour Dallas.

    Have fun!

    Peace :)

  3. Ferry Building Farmers Market: darn it. that's what I meant to do today. Thanks for the reminder. Next week for sure (if I remember and don't have a better offer). ;-)

  4. donald/ im a #1 fan of his street shots =)))

    chandra/ oh I love seeing the rides you guys do, esp. once it starts getting into warmer weather!

    lilia/ thatd be awesome! so handy, one less lock weight to worry about


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