Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stolen bike alert in LA: Batavus Breukelen

photo via velovogue
"We have some sad news that we’re hoping someone out there in internet land can help us make into happy news: one of our customers had her bike stolen from the porch of her house on Manzanita Street in Silver Lake between 6pm on December 14th and 11am on December 15th." read more via flying pigeon in LA [link]


  1. First off, that is not a good photo. You can't see the bicycle behind her.

    I feel that the whomever stole the bike lives within a two block radius of her home.

    She may get lucky by walking up driveways and taking a peep into back years and garage windows - safety permitting.

    Additionally, she can pass out fliers of the bike, get a better pic because I can't see the bike behind her, just the bike with no person on it, offering a cash reward for information leading to it's whereabouts.

    Good luck!

  2. hi Gina
    thanks for stopping by and your suggestions, I do these public announcements as a get the wrod out, and would be great also if you let the folks over at flying pigeon know your thoughts, maybe you are also around that area?
    the link to the original post is at the end of the posting above
    cheers /m.

  3. Be glad you weren't in Detroit. Not only would that have stolen you bike they would have probably killed you for kicks.


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