Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walking around.

Is not called bici flat chorro for no reason.
This is an ongoing pffffttt of flats and a slashing combination between a few days of plenty of rain and new year's glass+evidence of too much fun EVERYWHERE. Upon my 5th flat tire encounter within a week (including 2 flats during the SF Bike Party), I decided to give walking a chance while I get Frenchie ready to sport brand new tires today. I am more than likely going with the Continental kevlar Polk street-approved tires which I don't recall the name, but they are about 40$ea. It's about that time again. Unless you all have extremely nice reviews from those glowing reflective tires which I have also been eyeing for awhile.
Any recommendations to deviate me from the kevlar ones will take some really good reasons, but please do feel free to adivse, I'd like to know if you swear by a specific one/brand.

In the meantime here is one rare shot from MUNI, which I very rarely ride.
Somewhere near California street.
Chinatown at night.
"Weather" near Clay st.
Icing on the cake
Talk to me, like mannequins do.
This bicycle belongs to one of my top favorite baristas in town. He was about to take off. North beach.
weekend sky
Things are looking up.


  1. Meli

    I swear by Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. I have a set on my utility bike with 8000 flat free miles, and another set on my commuter with 3000 flat free miles. They also have snazzy reflective sidewalls which will draw the attention to Frenchie that she deserves.

  2. I'm with Mark- Schwalbe Marathon Plus. 7000 miles, one flat- and it was a giant industrial staple that would have flatted a car tire. And they have that nice reflective sidewall that you mentioned liking.

  3. I have been having good luck with Contis a random flat here and there but not often

  4. Once more vote for Schwalbe Marathon. Safe, very secure feeling, nice rolling. And, yes, reflective sidewalls.

  5. yesssssss, DM's are back! those white ones are stunning.

    (oh, and go for the Marathons. Best there is. Fact.)

    Besos :)

  6. Four telephone drops

    imaginary cello

    with misty grey sky

  7. many many thanks for all the tire savvy helpful info. I had troubles going to bike shops that would actually have the precise size+width (front is 1/4in. thinner than rear due to basket+fender structure...)
    that would accomodate on 1-2 days.

    I ended up with a conti + a conti gator =))))


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