Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weeklong nap.

no more naps, we nomnoms nao

Where was I? Well, I was sick as hell.

I got hit with the flu pretty hard last week. It kicked my butt.
I'm pretty sure my cat Velcro really thought I was in the process of becoming an actual cat, as I slept so much. After a whole week of rest, I'm feeling a lot better.

Been drinking lots of hippie teas --gotta spoil the body with a little change! and looking forward for my early caffeinated mornings once again. I'm also pretty sick of soup. ish.
Ok, let's hope this is a beginning for another healthy streak.

It's sunny out there
We all took week-long naps.


  1. Que te sientas mejor pronto! Poco a poquito, verdad? There is nothing better an a nurse cat when you are sick y Velcro se ve estupendo en ese roll!

  2. I thought being no posts for a long time you may be sick. I've been reading too many comments about this flu thing. Seems pretty bad over the pond also. Glad you are doing better. Man, I don't need that. I don't do flu shots. I just keep my hands out of all my orfices and avoid people. Works good.

  3. space rider/ mil gracias linda. esa velcro no me quita el ojo de encima

    sinbad/ aw thx, i didnt think anyone would notice, yet when you are sick you forget about everything pretty much. I also try your method (I'm crackin up) somehow didnt work this time ;-)

  4. Glad you're feeling better! Gonna ride butter tonight?

  5. Get well soon!

    Hot and sour soup always helps!

    - Mr.

  6. My Kitty sends her warmest greetings to Velcro. And I hope you, Meli, are back to your usual 120% in short order.

  7. Get well and feel 100% again soon (I am so jealous, your kitty is just beautiful. Want one!)

    Be well!

  8. Missed you! Glad you are feeling better. Glad you had Velcro to keep you company.

  9. so glad your feeling better-ish. glad to see you pedaling on the inter-webs again. to a fast recovery! *ding ding*

  10. Velcro looks very serious! Hope your feeling better :)

  11. Me alegro de que estés mejor Meli!

  12. glad you're feeling better + back to inter-tubes melisan!
    cute velcro pics
    mmm.. bet ur craving more soup + herbal tea! yum! ;D

  13. Velcro! What a cutie. I'm glad you had a good comfort cat to snuggle with while you were illin'.

  14. muchas thanks all <33
    to a healthy february +year!! xxo


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