Monday, February 7, 2011

Sun sphere blogesphere

Sun sphere
Not even going to tell you how hot it was around here over the weekend. I would really want the fog back because I'll be the 1/1000 to not lay in the sun like a lizard as soon as we get these heatwaves.
However, this is rather strange. Weather across the states is having a temper tantrum.

California is also my homestate, so yes, I've only known 2 seasons my whole life. The one that is sunny, and the one with the fog.
I love you too.

Sunkissed-bike kiss from the golden state.


  1. We got up to 40-something degrees on Saturday! After a high of 1 below zero (F), on Tuesday, it seemed like summer.

  2. Neat view!

    Unbelievable weather, huh?

  3. Sunny and fog sound like two perfect seasons. I want to pack my bags and move down there now...

  4. thx all =)))
    yes strange, weird+amazing together


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