Friday, May 4, 2012

walls, windows y weather.

beautiful sunset
This sunset earlier this week was wicked beautiful.

- - -
Bikes and the City got a haircut, gained some weight and got a little makeover. Well, I am not Terry Gross but there was a much needed dose of fresh air. I had not updated any visual features since the beginning, it is what's in the inside that counts, right. There are small updates in general.
How do you like the new look of the blog? Hope you enjoy it.

To be honest, I have been overwhelmed in a very loving way, with the feedback +support in the last few weeks, I had sincerely not expected this online momentum after being away for quite some time. I had considered myself not strong nor capable to return here or anywhere, many things were just completely out of the picture, I was completely checked out of the existing world. There is a time +place for everything. The process and forces of grieving are a beast of their own.
I'm not trying to catch up, life moves fast. I'm happy to just be here and in my own pace be present, day to day.
We humans, are fragile beings. So once again, thank you.

Okay, here is a new set of photographs around the city. The weather has been beautifully diverse. Not sure why people would complain when we get a little rain, this is northern California and we don't quite get the drastic season changes to shovel snow or deal with unbearable humidity. I'm a fog worshiper that is no secret, but I also have enjoyed the recent random warmer days. We got to see some monumental thunder lighting show a few weeks ago and here is a photo from the local news: msnbc link

These were all taken between March-April, in San Francisco and a couple of them in Marin county.
All photographs taken with my Leica lens/Panasonic LX5.
- - -
kitteh lovekitteh love. that cat in the window and what appeared to be its owner. affection maximus./polk street
inside the owl tree. /tendernob
best sweater. ever. /pacheights
lobster attack
the interiors of the recently remodeled Brenda's have cool cement textures. and a giant lobster. /lower polk street
nok nok
noc noc is as colourful as it is dark. good place to drink gulden draak. /lower haight
carrot branch
weekend lunch in point reyes. /marin county
window ese
window watcher. /mission district
red poppy
has been quite sometime, red poppy. /mission district
mimis wall
mimis wall.
lady gaga y elton john
lady gaga y elton john?
kid in love
these last three above taken in the south of market.
choba r+r y yo
new orleans iced coffee +chismes. the guys +i chillin in mint plaza. /downtown
sightfilm. /7th street
a memorial for a young man shot +killed at the corner of divisadero +eddy, San Francisco's 18th homicide for 2012. /western addition
heart 2
heart 1
a quiet rainy day in union square. /downtown
bus friend
mi new bus friend.

rain +hearts +umbrellas. /mission street near 5th
sight sip
early morning solo sight sip. /7th street

- - -
Michael Miller's exhibit "West Coast Hip Hop - A History in Pictures" was presented last week for two days at fifty24 in the lower haight /link. The presentation of the photographs was sharp and the uniqueness of the West Coast culture during that period of time jumped right out of the walls. I was intrigued by the printing process, the quality of the pieces was visually provoking.

- - - -
♥My best wishes and fun times to the beautiful bicycle community in the San Diego/Baja Cali/Tijuana area riding the fantastic beach coast 33rd biannual Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride this Saturady, 5 de mayo. Can't wait to see some pictures :)

That is all for now.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Meligrosa, Thanks for a great blog. It really makes a positive difference. Love the photos.

    Old Dude

    1. <3 that is so nice of you, thx old dude

  2. is this Lumix a new camera ? I also have a Leica lens Lumix but different model bought 2 1/2 years ago. I haven't really thought of photography lately but after seeing your shots, i think i'll take my camera out of hibernation.

    1. well it is new to me, but actually was a gift for my bday in late 2010 and it took me awhile to start using it. I like to know my cameras inside out, the last (and most of the shots up until the end of 2010) were all taken with my canon sd990. that camera got used+abused to the fullest.
      Just in the last few weeks during this year I began to really get the hang of it, and mainly an interest back in photography.
      take it out +take some snaps. and keep me posted on the results +introduce yourself, anonymous.

  3. Good to have you back and posting again!

    1. thankyou tejano! +likewise great to hear from ya

  4. Not enough people make the effort to find their own pace, but simply push really hard to keep up with the flow of traffic. Riding a heavy, slow bicycle, this is something I think about quite often :) I think it's really important to work to make your life fit you, and not simply do what is 'normal' because it's the path of least resistance. That's the quickest way to a meltdown - getting carried away in the rapids.

    I hope that as you find yourself healing, you keep that motivation to move at the pace which is comfortable to you. Be well.

    Beautiful photos! Especially love the street art, the big heart, and the handbag and coffee cup :) The umbrella photo is about how it looks in Portland this afternoon :)

    1. thanks so much dave, these are very special words and well said. i appreciate our mutual interests in slow-ness and our bloggie friendship. hugs to you +your lady in OR xxom.

  5. Your posts are a force for good in this world. I'm so glad you're posting again.

  6. grazie, Meli. grande abbraccio!

  7. i loves the new look and perspective. eres superstar mi love.

  8. Wow, do you ever get around! Wonder if Michael Miller and Travis Jensen know each other.

  9. great images! love the painted walls=)

  10. You made my day :D So good to see you posting again. I'm here trapped in soggy Florida counting down the days until my next visit to SF. Thanks for transporting me back to my favorite city in the meantime.

  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of the everyday. They truly capture the wonder of brief moments in time.

  12. Looking forward to reading and viewing, have no idea why you've been away but was only recently thinking i hadn't seen any of your bike pics for ages, glad you are back :-)

  13. Looking forward to reading and viewing, have no idea why you've been away but was only recently thinking i hadn't seen any of your bike pics for ages, glad you are back :-)

  14. thank you everybody, it has been good visual therapy to take some fotos from time to time.
    very happy you enjoy them and leave kind words :) xxom

  15. Your presence is strong and unique and warm. And missed. We have all been waiting for you.

    I love Terry Gross and fresh air and your updated blog design. Airy and lovely. Your LX5 photographs make me realize I need to play with mine more, although nothing from it looks as good as all this.


  16. Dig the new look - bright, minimalist (in the best "less is more" way) and inviting...And I love seeing all these SF (and Marin county) pix. They make me miss San Fran, one of my favorite cities...

    The cat in the window, with the white walls and the string of Christmas lights, sigh, real lovely. And the mural shots...and the elder lady on the train. You've captured the beauty and atmosphere of San Fransisco...

  17. Lovely to have you back. X


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