Thursday, June 7, 2012

Deeply sadden, RIP Robert Yegge

My heart, sympathy and prayers go out to the family, loved ones, friends and anyone that has lost someone in their lives this young.
22 is a beautiful age, and this USF student's life got cut short. I'm beyond deeply sadden to read these news today, as it hits home extremely hard. My brother would also be 22 this year. It is something unimaginable and the pain of a sudden loss as such, is just beyond unbearable.

Rest in Peace Robert.

LINK USF Student Robert Yegge Killed by Truck Driver at Oak and Franklin | Streetsblog San Francisco
A memorial picnic for Robert Yegge is planned for this Sunday at Marx Meadow in Golden Gate Park. The SFBC will be joining Yegge’s friends and family on a bicycle ride to the picnic from the McKinley statue at the east end of the Panhandle, departing at 11 a.m., in remembrance.
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