Saturday, July 21, 2012

The streets of San Francisco.

greenwich street
greenwich street.
sodini's /north beach

Walking around. Slightly conversing. Mostly observing. 
Some time between May +June 2012.
Some what of a dark brown ale vibe, with a garlic after taste and a flirtatious tobacco floating swirl, often roaming near by.
Some where between the Pacific Ocean +the San Francisco Bay, roaming underneath the fog.

Have a grand weekend everybody.
xxo♥ la meligrosa

William Saroyan Place
William Saroyan place.
specs /north beach
mission street
mission street.
walking/ la misión
chestnut street
chestnut street.
lucca deli /the marina
post street
post street.
fino ristorante /lower nob hill
castro street.
walking /duboce triangle


All images taken by me with the Lumix LX5 // ©meligrosa


  1. Great exposures, I thought it was film at first. Q: did u get the amazing gray scale in camera, or post camera using software??

  2. That Luca Deli image is a winner!

    1. everything in that store is so delish :))

  3. An interesting glimpse at life in SF. I'm with anon up there - these photos could have passed for film from a Leica. You have such an artistic eye and a talent for working with this little camera. Straight out of the camera, wow. Is there a b&w mode or did you simply remove saturation in post? I have not tried b&w with mine.

    1. many thx as always dottie.
      can't wait to slowly start sharing the recent (and perhaps some older too) shots from the 35mm sets in the near future. the setting in the camera is: aperture/manual › fim mode: standard B+W

  4. Looks like we're in the same beautiful city :) Glad to see you're blogging again

    1. many thanks for the kind words, beautiful, glad to be back.
      great to know you are now here in SF, i've read your blog for quite some time. before just recently, i think you were still in vegas.


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